Awakening Inquiry
For Individuals, Organizations, and Communities


Linda Stevenson, M.A., consults with organizations, associations, and communities to unleash creativity and commitment through powerful collaborations. She specializes in the process of “Open Space” to create a context for meaningful dialogue, to discover hidden talents and resources, to build genuine community, to enhance levels of trust, to experience adaptive leadership, and to transform potential conflict into effective, efficient results.

For eighteen years, she has been a colleague of Harrison Owen, originator of Open Space Technology.  She has designed and led “train the trainer” workshops with him throughout the Midwest including one on his newest book, Wave Rider:  Leadership for High Performance in a Self-Organizing World.

Recently, Linda bas been certified by Scott Kiloby as a Living Inquiries facilitator working with individuals on Skype around the world to experience more harmony in their relationships and more peace in their lives. 

Open Space Testimonials

Linda Stevenson has recently conducted an Open Space workshop in my Advanced Organizational Development class for graduate Human Resource Development students. It is hard to describe in a short testimonial how powerful and memorable this event was. Many of my students are working full time as HRD professionals in industry or in non-profits. After the workshop students were eager to tell me how impressed they were with Linda's professionalism, wisdom, and positive and calming presence. My observation is that Linda is one of the most skillful OD facilitators I have encountered in more than 25 years of my work in academia and industry.

Alexandre Ardichvili, Ph.D.,
Professor of HRD, University of Minnesota

It was great working with Linda on our event!  She was helpful, professional, and became part of our team!  She managed everything perfectly, was very clear about what she needed and what we would need to do – and she delivered!  I would highly recommend Linda for any event that needs a thoughtful, caring, and collaborative facilitator.  We will definitely be working with her again on future events.

Kathryn Fernholz, Executive Director
Dovetail Partners (

Linda Stevenson did a masterful job of applying the open space technology to engineer a very meaningful and productive opportunity for our school district to hear from our various stakeholders who are invested in our mission to ensure that all students learn.  Her calm demeanor permeated the process bringing a sense of organized synergy that allowed for individuality but not at the expense of personal integrity or productive outcomes. 

Eleanor T. Coleman
Chief of Student Support, Family & Community Engagement
Minneapolis Public Schools

Living Inquiries Testimonials

Linda is a patient, warm, caring facilitator who has a deep intuitive sense for the right direction to take.  I have worked with her many times and have found my "living inquiries" relationship sessions with her very deep and rewarding.  She is, also, a delightful person to know and converse with.  I cannot recommend her more highly!

Greg Ascue
Sunnyvale, California

To inquire into the moment with Linda is truly delightful. The level of connection, immediacy and intimacy that can be established via Skype always amazes me. It’s Linda’s dexterous guiding and her sagacious presence that creates such an experience. Her tone, choice of words and patience is just beautiful. I have always felt fully able to open up and explore with Linda within the special space she offers; often journeying with her from a place of stuckness, to an effortless ease and restfulness.

NJH, United Kingdom

In working with Linda Stevenson on the Compulsion Inquiry I have been the lucky one to receive her coaching. I had no idea that I would be finally turning the key in the lock of my addiction to sweets and overeating of over 40 yrs. I decided to try this method as another shot in the dark but, after so many attempts at a 'cure'...did not feel much hope. I have run the gamut of everything from the most basic to esoteric methods in my 'war with the compulsion'.

I am amazed by how simple and straightforward the inquiry method is. It feels like the first time in my life that I am not white-knuckling in order to avoid the compulsion and that a skillful means is offered. It is a perfect adjunct to 'bringing oneself in to awareness" or any remembrance of 'presence'...beingness...stillness.

I can't say enough about Linda's dedication, attentiveness and pure kindness in working with me. I felt seen and heard. I feel very lucky to have found her as my 'coach' in this inquiry process. She has helped me immeasurably. How can I thank the person who is actively dedicated to seeing me climb out 'of the ditch'?
I am just so grateful that I was willing to 'try one more thing'...and luckily it was this Compulsion Inquiry.

Nidhi Contessa
Aspen, Colorado