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Living Inquiries

From Living Relationship by Scott Kiloby:

We get locked into stories that mutually reaffirm themselves in relationship.  Instead of looking directly at these beliefs in separation and deficiency, we point outward toward others.  “You are the problem, not me!”  This is how we stay blind to the inner lie, “I am separate and deficient.”  We are protecting and defending mental images which are not who we really are.

There is a basic capacity within our direct experience to be aware of thoughts, emotions, and sensations as they appear and disappear.  The belief in being a separate, deficient person arises when we identify with thoughts, emotions, and sensations, rather than seeing them as temporary, empty appearances that come and go to this basic awareness.  This basic awareness is more fundamentally who we are.  Recognizing this basic awareness is critical to doing the inquiries in this book.

Start with thought-free awareness.  Stop and notice your next thought.  As that thought disappears, rest as the thought-free space that is left.  That is thought-free awareness.  Take brief moments of resting as thought-free awareness repeatedly throughout the day, every day.  This helps you to see that thoughts, emotions, and sensations arise and fall to awareness.

This space is your true home.  Make relaxing into this present, restful space the most important thing in your life.  As the space starts to feel more and more like the real you, the thoughts start to seem less and less like you.

The voice in your head is what tells you that you are deficient.  When the voice is telling that story, emotions and sensations arise along with the voice.  This creates the sense that thoughts, emotions, and sensations are welded together.

Seeking for things to be different than they are is a direct result of our belief in separation, and it happens largely through thinking.  It usually comes from a resistance to or judgment against what is happening and who we perceive ourselves to be. 

These inquiries are designed to uproot and penetrate through the most deeply held beliefs in separation and deficiency and to realize a deep and profound love, peace, freedom, and wisdom harmonizing all your relationships.

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