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Open Space Technology

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Open Space:  The Process & Promise

Open Space engages cross-sector collaborations, taps into resources, builds trust and common ground so effectively and efficiently you’ll think it is magic – but it isn’t.  It is simply our human capacity to connect, create, and collaborate, when we are invited to, by creating a context which literally and figuratively “opens space” to share heart-felt issues, opportunities, ideas and challenges.

With innovative collaborations across multiple sectors, you will have the necessary engagement and appropriate resources needed to create effective results in record time, and you will have much more. You will know right up front who cares and what they care about.  You’ll also discover which participants are ready, willing, and able to take responsibility for making identified outcomes happen. The process also transforms any potential for conflict or any prior obstacles into creative collaborations.  

All participants will be engaged and will leave the Open Space with a deepened level of trust founded on the experience of heart-felt, common ground. A trust that was created when the space was, quite simply, large enough for everyone to dialogue with others on what they truly cared about. How can I promise all this in one event?  Because it has never not happened in seventeen years of doing this process with any size organization or community.

What does Open Space look like?  

        People connecting and collaborating on shared passions. 
        Concurrent dialogues and serious listening.  
        Full engagement and participation from many stakeholders.  
        Joyful and responsible commitment.    

Open Space outcomes include:  collective leadership, collaborative visions, genuine team spirit, heart-felt community, serious learning, playfulness, surprising partnerships, appropriate structures and control resulting in inspirational performance, increased productivity and enhanced trust.  The invitation and flexible context of Open Space will unveil appropriate next steps, connections and resources to take you forward.  The process will lay a foundation to accelerate your work, and it will make your job a lot easier! 

My job is to create that context with your help and to honor the integrity of the process and its appropriate application to your work.  When planning your Open Space, I will ask you to trust the simple elegance of the process.  It is that simplicity that will produce effective and efficient results every time.

To better understand the Open Space Technology process, please review a case study which details how it was used to revitalize an organization

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